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The Care Process


How We Conduct Care Assessments

We at Jakky Care Group believe in honesty and open communication. Following your initial inquiry, a member of our Care Assessment Team will come to your home and conduct a thorough assessment of your care needs. If you are not comfortable having this done at your home, the assessment can be done over the phone, through an online assessment form, or we can arrange for you to come into our office.

This will allow us to get to know you and understand any personal needs or preferences you may have, as well as the support you will require.

Once the first evaluation has been agreed upon, our Assessments Team will work with our Care Managers and Team Managers to develop Care Arrangements and Care Packages.

This may be checked with you, your family, and other professionals or agencies to verify that we have covered all bases.

Continuity of Care

After the Care Plan has been agreed upon, our Care Team will schedule a meeting with you, your family, and loved ones. We will explain the Care Service Delivery process and introduce you to your caregiver.

In most circumstances, you will always be visited by the same caregiver. We do this to avoid any misunderstandings with the individuals and to avoid any disruptions to their routines.

There may be times when your designated caregiver is unable to attend due to illness or family obligations. However, we will make every effort to ensure that you are assigned to the same caregiver at all times in order to maintain continuity of care and the development of strong connections between client and caregiver.

Ongoing Care Assessments

All of our Care Plans are evaluated on a regular basis and continually monitored to ensure that they are capable of meeting your care needs.

Where there is a need, you and your family will be contacted about altering or amending care packages in response to changing needs.

We also value your opinions and input, and if you believe your needs have changed, we are pleased to explore how we might alter our services to meet those needs.

Changes in laws and government policy will also affect services, care plans, and care packages. In this scenario, you and your family will be consulted on the planned modifications and any potential consequences will be considered.

Pathway to Care Package

Initial Enquiry

Initial Assessment

Need and Requirements Review

Care Budget and Funding Review

Care Agreement Submitted

Care Agreement Signed

Care Package Assigned

Managed Care Package