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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance strategy at Jakky Care Group is more than a checkbox exercise; it is a serious commitment by management and staff to provide high-quality, clean, and stable care services. We believe it is because of this dedication that many people, communities, and local governments regard us as a preferred service provider.

We recognize our special role as caregivers for vulnerable people who need the highest level of care and consideration. With this in mind, we've placed in place policies, processes, and procedures to ensure that we can meet our goals and objectives of delivering outstanding treatment while also ensuring the safety and security of everyone we look after.

Individuals have been ignored and mistreated by care workers, as reported in numerous media reports, and it is our priority that our staff treat each individual with care and compassion.

In addition to CQC compliance, we have an internal Quality System that is audited both internally and externally on a regular basis. This assists us in identifying places where we can develop and change our service delivery.

We've also developed the "Care Plus" internal monitoring system, which aids us in identifying problem areas in our facilities or personnel. This enables us to respond quickly to concerns and issues relating to your treatment, and it is part of our Continuous Improvement Initiative to ensure that our services are satisfactory and excellent.

All reports are entered into our database and assigned to a quality manager who will work with you to reach a satisfactory conclusion. A Corrective Action Log, Incident Log, Complaints Log, and Internal Quality System are all included.

On request, we will provide compliance audits and reports, and our CQC reports are available on the CQC website.

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