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Overseas Recruitment


We are a UK-based independent recruiting agency that specializes in the recruitment, training, and placement of Registered Nurses, HealthCare Assistants, Support Workers, and Social Workers.

Our success has been founded on consistently exceeding the expectations of both our customers and our applicants.

We take pleasure in our fair and open recruiting processes, which ensure that you receive the best applicant at the best price. We recognize how critical the prospects we supply are to the success of our company, therefore we maintain high standards of employee morale and welfare.

We've been assisting several of our clients who are looking to hire Nurses and Social Workers from other countries.

We find and hire nursing personnel from other countries who have the essential abilities, characteristics, and credentials.

We provide chosen nurses with induction, training, relocation, and adaptation services.

How It Works

We host open days at our recruiting centers to meet and connect with applicants interested in living and working in the United Kingdom.

At this point, our advisors will select viable and eligible applicants to add to our database. We consider a number of factors, including:

Educational Qualifications

Employment History


Personal Qualities

Skills and Other Qualifications

Candidates that are chosen at this level will be required to participate in a series of exams and interviews to determine their suitability. These are in accordance with our client's specifications to guarantee that we have the proper calibre of individuals to meet your recruitment demands.

We will do various checks before adding an applicant to our database, including;

Police Clearance

Educational Check

Certificates Verifications

Training and Employment Verification

References Verification

Stage 1 Shortlisting

Based on your criteria, you will be given with well-formatted profiles for applicants in our database. At this point, all candidates would have gone through screening and preliminary selection exams.

You will then be able to shortlist individuals that meet your criteria for the second round.

Stage 2: Aptitude Tests

Candidates from Stage 1 will be invited to our recruitment center to take certain aptitude tests tailored to your organization's needs and the job for which you are hiring.

The procedure is watched and recorded in real time to guarantee that candidates do not cheat or collude.

The tests are then delivered to you for evaluation, or if you want, we can evaluate them using the marking systems you provided. Candidates who pass this level advance to the third level.

Stage 3: Online Interviews

Candidates will be requested to come to our Harare recruitment center for an online face-to-face interview with you.

This will allow you to assess the candidate's abilities as well as ask any more questions.

Candidates who pass this level will advance to the fourth stage.

Stage 4: Selection

Candidates who have progressed to this level will have been chosen successfully. This level entails intensive training and coaching, as well as preparation for working and living in the UK.

Candidates will be educated about UK culture, legislation, and your organization. We can also send applicants through your organization's induction process and any needed training.

We will also start working on their Visa/Work Permit applications. Once completed, their travel plans will be finalized, and they will be able to prepare for their arrival in the United Kingdom.

On Arrival

Members of our reception crew will greet the applicants and transport them to our welcome center. They may anticipate to be accommodated here for two weeks while the final preparations for their work start. During this time, applicants will have the opportunity to experience local life, culture, and communities in order to become acquainted with the areas they would be leaving and working.We will also assist candidates in finding acceptable housing close to where they will be working, as well as transportation links.

If the applicants drive and have a valid license, we will also put them through a driving course with one of our partner driving instructors to familiarize them with driving and driving rules.

We will also help them exchange their license for a full UK driving license. Candidates who do not yet have a driver's license but want to learn might be sent to one of our licensed driving instructor schools.

We also hold welcome parties so that they meet and share the experiences of other candidates who have been on the same journey.

Candidates can also study and get any training that your organization requires.

Induction Week

Once a start date has been determined, our experts will transport the applicants to their workplace to assist them with their first day. At the conclusion of the day, a review with the applicant and their line managers will be performed to see whether everything went well and if anything further needs to be done.

Working With You

We do not abandon a candidate or you after they have been placed with you. We will check in with you and the applicants on a regular basis to see how things are progressing.

If there are any problems, we attempt to address them. Should candidates require it, we provide training, counseling, and coaching.

Working With The Candidates

We will continue to engage with the applicants to guarantee their overall well-being and welfare. We also assist them with;


Driving Licences

Training and Courses

Bank Accounts and savings

Benefits Applications

Travelling Back Home for Holidays

Getting Started

If you have any queries or want to know how to get started, please contact our Overseas Recruitment team.