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Costs And Funding


We believe in providing low-cost services to help clients and their families feel less burdened. Apart from the fundamental expenditures of care, we don't believe in any hidden or additional fees. We are delighted to be one of the most cost-effective care providers in the United Kingdom.

For some of the most typical services, we've provided some estimated pricing below. Only once a full needs assessment has been done and agreed upon can the exact prices of any Care Package be established.

Our Assessment Team will also inform you of any money or statutory benefits that you may be eligible for from your local authority.

Respite Care Costs

Respite care costs start at £250 per day.

Live-in Care Costs

Our charges for live-in care from a live-in caregiver start at £950 per week for a single individual and £1,250 for a couple.

Personal Care Costs

Personal care services in the home start at £17.50 per hour (30 minute visits also available). Weekends, nights, and bank holidays have varying prices, which will be discussed during the assessment.

Social Services Funded Care

The social services department of your local government is in charge of determining your care needs. After you've been examined and your Local Authority has determined that you require care, they'll look at your finances to see what you could be eligible for to help pay for it.

You'll be offered a number of alternatives, including the type of care you need, the availability of services in your area, and the providers who can help you.

Local governments can opt to plan and manage your care, or you can receive a personal budget, which gives you money to pay for services and allows you to choose your own provider, giving you more power and choice.

Residential Care Funding

Local authorities will analyze your finances, including the worth of your assets, if you require Residential Care. If you qualify, the local government will pay for your care, but if you do not, you will be responsible for paying for your own residential care.

There may be alternative possibilities open to you if you are not qualified for assistance from your local authority. If you qualify, the government offers a variety of benefits that may assist you in covering the cost of your treatment.

To learn more, please contact one of our knowledgeable advisers who can assist you in learning more and exploring your financial alternatives.

Jakky Care Group Funding Team, Tel: +44 (0)7546334450, Email:

You can also contact your Local Authority for more information or

Citizens Advice Bureau

Government Information Website

Funding Your Own Care

If you are self-funding your care, it indicates that you are paying for your own care without the assistance of the local government. This gives you more control and options when it comes to the type of care you receive and the providers you can choose from.

Direct Payments

The government implemented Direct Payments to give individuals more choice and control over the care they receive and the providers from which they can choose.

Payments for care are made directly to the individual following an assessment of the individual's care needs by the local authority. It is now up to the individual to arrange and organize their own care after the payment has been made.